Today I met Gwendolyn Wright, Business Consultant,  for coffee.  We had a nice conversation about the fashion industry and how designers can build their business. We spoke about how a designer can market themselves and how an individual should have a business plan on how they are going to become successful in the industry. Gwendolyn Wright, is a consultant who specializes in helping small businesses fund money. Please check out her website at  We also chatted about the importance of technology and how the Bay Area is know for the technology industry.  We discussed the importance of emerging designers, technology and business plans. An interesting point that I took away from our conversation, is email should only be used to converse and to not market one's product, idea or business. In today's world we are overwhelmed with emails and are moving into the world of Apps. Most of us receive so many emails, we end up not opening the majority of them.  If you are looking to market product, please make sure you have a user friendly website and are looking into building an app for your company/product and searching other options to market your product. The best way to market your product is to NETWORK and meet new people. You never know who you might meet.


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