Every year woolworths has the bra festival as jalang'o calls it and it's around that time of the year where women get to buy new bras which is a shame coz what have you been doing wearing bras you bought last year?

Many women don't know what size they are so they end up buying small bras or bigger ones. You ought to know what cup size you are whether A,B,C or D or double D cup. After knowing your cup size know the size of the bra that fits you right, and for that you have to know how many cm you are around your bust area. If you don't know, go to woolworths/ lingerie world and get measured.

Everyday bras can be seamless or seamed, push up or not. The imporatant thing is that they support you, look good under your clothes and are comfortable.

Bras with padding are good and keep you warm. It prevents people from seeing those pointed nipples especially since it is cold season.

seamless bra
seamless martenity bra
When one is nursing a child, you need comfortable bras that prevent your breasts from sagging
you also need good bras that will prevent you from doing what kenyan mamas do in churches or matatu, it is disgusting.
sports bra
Even if you do not work out often, a sports bra is a must have in your wardrobe. They help prevent damage to breast tissue.

strapless bra
These bras are good for wearing strapless dresses.
the plunge bra
i absolutely love this bra, it's perfect for plunge dresses or tops

 A black lace bra
Feeling sexy is a must, whether for yourself or for your boyfriend and a black lace bra does that to you.  I believe it should be in every woman's closet like the LBD.

The shelf bra
iam not saying you should have it, but you can at least look at it. This is type of bra is for the naughty people, if you're not naughty don't try this. it is a good push up bra though for women with small breasts. If you want to go braless but secretly wish you had some support, a shelf bra is the answer.
 molded bra- these bras give your breats a good shape, totally eliminating nipples from showing.

minimizer bras
if you have jugs or large sized breasts and you do not like getting too much attention on your bosom, minimizer bras are perfect for you. They are comfortable and give you courage to wear absolutely everything. They are good for women who wear a size C cup and above
longline bras
A long-line bra is a great solution when you put on a blouse or dress and want a smooth silhouette.
racer back bras
If you wear sleeveless or racerback style tops, a racerback bra is a must have.
if you're not a fan of bras like some of the turkana women, walk topless with your breasts hanging for all to see......Lol. That's bad advice, don't do it .
Get yourself padded tops or look for bra cups

 I know now your boyfriends will want you to wear shelf bras, men love them!


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