chiffon blouses

Iam an intern and i find official suits for women too dull for me. I cannot imagine myself in a suit, i believe one can spice up that dull look with a colorful vest instead of the usual shirts. Chiffon blouses are fabulous, they've got color and a feminine touch to them. you can put on an official trouser with a nice chiffon blouse and heels and it looks fashionable and classy than the dull suits i see people wearing on my way to work.

Chiffon tops are not loved by everyone because they kinda feel like you're exposing your body when you put them on, well ladies all you need to do is wear something really light inside .The goodness of chiffon tops is that there are a variety,  from plain ones, to dotted tops, to animal print to flowery ones

chiffon tops also look good with casual looks


vintage retro

now tell me if you don't want to get rid of those dull suits and go for a retro, classic look.


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