well yesterday i was thinking what kind of hairstyle have i not tried and it got me thinking 'what is the shape of my face?' iam still not sure if its long or oblong or they are just the same  ...... (sound confused yea i know) 
Want to know your face shape? Get a lipstick, go to the mirror and draw your face.Knowing the shape of your face determines the best earrings for you and hairstyles.

long -The length is usually greater than its width. This face shape is long with a pointed chin.

oblong- kelly rowland has this face shape. Key is to give it a wider dimension to reduce it's length just like the long shape.

rectangular face

squares-your width equals length but has a square jawline and hairline.
 demi moore you probably remember her from the movie 'THE JONSES"
calista flockhart from the series 'brothers and sisters'

Tyra banks has an inverted triangular face

oval-Length equals one and a half times of ur width.

Round-Your face is almost as wide as its long.

heart-  you're wide at the cheeks and forehead, temple. narrows to a small,delicate chin.

diamond faces

i have concluded i just have a long face.  What's yours?


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