Not every woman loves lipstick, personally i prefer lip gloss. Anyway that will not hinder me talking about lipstick because it looks absolutely fabulous if you wear a shade that complements your skin color. Light skinned people for example look nice with colors like red,pink,purple etc for choclate women and black women choosing such bold colors like red can back fire on you. Sometimes i wonder what if the mirror would laugh at us when we try something that doesn't work for us completely, then a black woman (Sudanese for example) trying a mint green/dark red lipstick would get the scare of her life.

There are many types of lipstick :-
(a)the moisturizer
This type of lipsticks is suitable for people who have dry lips because it keep your lips soft.

(b) satin and sheer lipstick
 Because of high containing in oil, satin and sheer lipsticks are also excellence choices for your dry lips. It will make your lips shiny, glossy and keep it moisturized

(c) cream lipstick
  Cream lipstick is the good choice for women with small lips. This formula is not shiny as other varieties of lipstick and you may need to apply lip-gloss afterward so that your mouth achieve desire look 

(d) pearl lipstick
  If you are looking for a lipstick which make you stand out in a crowd and keep your mouth sparkle and glisten, frosted lipstick is your best selection. Reflects light and make you feel confident and distinctive in a funky party night. 

 (e) matte lipstick
Matte lipstick is known for nice and colorful shade but it is flat and not shiny. This formula  perfectly matching with plumper, smoother and younger lips.

here are some shades of lipstick, find out which one works for you


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