Wedding dresses

Good morning everyone. I know its monday and iam so psyched up today its a new week, do not be dull because of the weather.
Today it's all about wedding dresses. Many people are getting married at this time of the year. Since it is not raining, this is the perfect time for a garden wedding. The most importantthing is the wedding dress. First you've got to have a budget. The second thing is to look for a dress that will fit your budget. You don't want a glamorous wedding and the aftermath is paying debt and loans. Woman, that is not how to start a married life .
Abigail Betz a south african designer and her gowns are fantastic

Dianne is another south african designer who has won awards for her wedding gowns.
if you want colour, you can go for cream, red, blue, purple or white and black

white fleur dress

 the vintage halter neck dresses
the a line dress
various wedding dresses to choose from the sophisticated elegant dress to the classy simple ones. it's all about you ladies on that day, you only get married once so if you want a really expensive dress or a cheap one, 2 words ....... GET IT!

colorful dresses


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